A neighborhood during midday can look and sound drastically different in the evening. It’s always best to spend more time scouting out the house you are interested in at various hours of the day and night to determine if the home truly is a good fit.

A recent Realtor.com article highlights the best times for clients to check out a property before buying.

8 a.m. Drive the area in rush hour. Consider how it will affect your commute, whether you drive in to work or use public transportation. Start from the home and run the routes.

10 a.m. What do you hear now? Construction, traffic, noise or barking dogs? Drive the street on a weekday and weekend to see how many people have cars in the driveway or on the street. Are there other neighbors around or is it a ghost town?

3 p.m. School is out, so what does the neighborhood look like now, especially if the home is near a school. Are children cutting through your yard and into your future flowerbed? How is the traffic and would you feel OK letting your own children walk home from school?

5:30 p.m. How’s the commute home? If you are envisioning sitting outside relaxing with a glass of lemonade watching your kids ride bikes, you don’t want to find out too late that traffic is being redirected through your quiet neighborhood.

9 p.m.  Wild parties in the evening? How safe does the neighborhood feel at night? Is it well-lit or dark? Park your car in front of the house and roll down your windows to check the noise and their comfort level.

3 a.m. Check for planes, trains and traffic. You don’twant to discover you can’t sleep because of the noise after you move in.

Source – “All the Time of Day You Should Visit a Home Before you Buy” Realtor.com Sept 2016