Once the inspection is completed and any repairs have been negotiated, your title company (or attorney if you choose), will review the contract.

If you live in a condo building or Homeowner Association community, we will also request the condo documents or HOA documents from your building’s property manager or HOA president.  Don’t be surprised if you have to pay a fee for these documents if you can’t find the ones you originally had. 

In addition, before closing the title company will perform the following:

  • Help you further understand the contract and makes sure your interests are protected
  • Make sure the title is clear
  • Order a survey for a single family house.
  • Work with the buyer’s lender to ensure a timely loan commitment
  • Closely review the settlement statement (HUD) including any taxes owed, adjustments, closing cost credits, etc. prior to closing
  • Prepare all legal documents
  • Schedule the closing 

The above list is IF everything goes perfectly. If it doesn’t and the contract needs to be cancelled, earnest money needs to be refunded,  

If you have any questions, I’m always here for you. Call me at 954-464-5434.