The home inspection usually occurs within 3 – 7 business days after the contract is accepted.  

The buyer will schedule the inspection and his/her Realtor will confirm the day/time work for us.  Most inspectors do not work evenings or weekends so usually the inspection takes place during a week day.   It’s important that the home inspection occur quickly as it often takes the inspector 24 hours to deliver the report after the inspection.   Sellers should not be present for the home inspection. Instead, it’s a time for the buyer and the buyer’s Realtor to be alone in the property with the inspector.  Plan to be gone for  about 2 hours depending on the size of the home.  The home should look just like it did for the showings with beds made, dishes put away, pets out of the home, etc. 

After the inspection, the inspector will write the inspection report. Then the buyer will need to review the report and the buyer’s Realtor will ask us for any credits or repairs the buyer wants. We’ll then negotiate these items back and forth and, hopefully, come to an agreement.   If major problems are found during the inspection, the buyer does have the right to walk away from the deal and the earnest money will be returned to him/her.  Otherwise, if we’re able to come to an agreement, the realtors will write up an addendum to the contract and all parties will need to sign it.  Any agreed upon repairs need to be completed prior to the final walk through which usually occurs the day before or of closing and receipts need to be provided to the buyer showing the required work was completed and paid for in full prior to the walk through.

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